Monday, November 14, 2005

And the days go by

It is Monday and thus another fabulously busy weekend has passed. Thursday was mine and Jesse's 4 year anniversary. I was spoiled rotten with a fabulous dinner at Cafe Capri and a very very nice gift. He thinks of everything. Friday we celebrated Grandma's birthday at Oxford Street (not my favorite, but it wasn't my birthday). Grandma loved the necklace and earrings we had made for her. I was so relieved. They are really beautiful and will look so nice on her. She's a lady who really knows how to accessorize. Saturday I took Grandma and Emily to a horse show. They were both soooo cute! Grandma knows everything about horses and would tell me all kinds of things about their personalities and the ones she used to own. Emily would clap whenever anybody else clapped so every team was represented equally in the Emi Gatlin section of the bleachers We walked around and looked at the horses in their stalls which Emily loved until one horse sneezed near her and scared the wapoo out of her. Grandma would blow in the horses face so they could get her scent and it was so cute to watch Emily clutch my shoulder for dear life and blow at the horses from 4 feet away. She is such a little mimic! In the evening we got to go to the Men's Basketball game for an hour before bedtime. It's nice that SOME of our teams are winning. That was tacky, but it's true. The game was fun, especially since Clarise came with. We had nowhere near enough time to catch up, but we had fun anyway. Sunday was Catharine's baby shower. It was a huge success in my book. Everyone had fun and the cake was just gorgeous! I love when things go well. Catharine seemed to enjoy herself and she got a lot of really really nice gifts. The only downside was getting the rejection letter from A&M. I guess I'll try again in the fall. It's just means we'll have to wait that much longer before we can have another kid. In the meantime we're going to try to move so I've started working on that. My neighborhood was just too creepy on Halloween night. It's time to get into a more family neighborhood. I'm nervous about talking to the real estate agent because the market is starting to change. The timing isn't ideal, but we need to get into a different house before interest rates go any higher. We can make payments for a good nine months before we have to pay for school if I get in for the fall. We'll see. Have a great week! J-

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