Monday, January 17, 2005

Pulling it back together

So here I am finding time to update. Now that Christmas break is over, I find that I am starting to pull my life back together around Emily. I think I've been doing better at work and getting more stuff done around the house. You guys have no idea how slug-like lazy and tossed about I had been feeling. I think I may have had some minor postpartum. Looking back at 2004 I am glad a new year is starting. I can just move forward with the positive benefits of what I found to be a very hard year and a half. I think I may have grown a little as a person. I so badly what to say that I think I may have grown up, but I know as soon as I say that I'll reveal what a child I still am. I was so happy to hear of Hava's engagement over the holidays. I love weddings. I saw my Ben and sweet Sarah. I even saw Kim. She's accomplished a lot. A whole lot. I think Dennia and I are back on the right track...I am getting used to what all her attitudes mean. I am hoping to see more of Clare outside of work. I want to play more with Jessie and Justin. Oh! I am so excited to be taking some wine classes this spring at our local winery. It'll be me Jesse, Justin and Jessica. So much fun. It's nice to do something new. I am also thinking if becoming a certified professional office assistant. Something new for the resume since I have never gotten past an associates degree. 2005 is going to be great. I have resolved to get my pre-baby body back and to be on time for everything. Also this year, I am going to learn about investing and baseball. Hopefully by telling everybody this I will be encouraged to get it all done so as to avoid the embarrassment of a negatory answer when you ask me how it's all going. Maybe this year we'll also get more of our house fixed up. Tricia, good luck with your worm garden. It's icky, but cool. Hava, good luck with med school. Keep up the good work. Frank, good luck with finishing strong in school and filling the void. Remember, don't get involved with free agents called Tex and that it isn't pink - it's light red. I hope your mom feels better. My mom ended up in the hospital a few years ago with chrons disease and has been having to control it with meds ever since. I am always a willing ear. Plus, I am a better listener on the comp because I don't interrupt nearly as much as in person. HAPPY NEW YEAR! J-

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