Friday, October 29, 2004

Elated and Depressed

Home life could not be better. Jesse and I are doing so wonderfully as we come up on our 3 year anniversary. I think I'm going to get him a leather jacket. He's really been wanting one AND leather happens to be the 3 year anniversary gift of choice. Emily is such a doll. I had no idea babies changed so fast. I was away last weekend and I swear she changed in just 3 days. It's insane She's so gorgeous.She's three and a half months old now. Can you beleive it! They've just flown by. She's already trying to hold her bottle by herself. This resulted in a few tears of pride and joy earlier this week. Soon we'll need to baby proof our house because she'll be crawling. Sigh and smile. Work should be going great as well, but it's not. I thought I'd made a really good friend in Dennia but I pissed her off earlier this week and she has made it as obvious as possible that I am scum. It's awful working when your friend is giving you the cold shoulder. I finally called her to find out what the deal is. She just said that I had said something that was disrespectful of her in front of one of our student workers and she was still too mad to talk to me. I just want to cry. I spent all of high school jumping through hoops for my friends and I thought I was finally out of all that. Now here I am again with no idea what I could have possibly said that was so wrong. Honestly, I am really upset that she was mean to me for a week with no explanation instead of looking at me when I said whatever it was and saying, "Hey J, that's not cool." I can't imagine saying anything so bad that it could take her a week to cool down enough to talk to me. She says she may be calm enough to talk on Monday but I need to realize that I have respect her as a co-worker. I am so in the dark. It has also been brought to my attention that people think my boss favors me because of how I look and dress. I just don't get that either. Now I am going to have to be super careful about how I dress for work. Who knew 40 and 50 year old women could be so catty. I hate working where I am not liked. I really like my job and most of the just takes a few bad apples and that really stinks. On the upside, I think Clare and I are starting to rekindle our friendship. She's dunking her ring tomorrow night and I might go. That'll be an experience. I am also having lots of fun with Jessica. Old friends are the best. Hers and Justin's wedding was really a blast. It was a complete disaster, but a blast nonetheless. I really liked playing bridesmaid. Hopefully we can set up a fun couples night soon. We are also planning a trip to either New Orleans or Vegas (woohoo). Old friends and strong drinks until next time, J-

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