Thursday, March 31, 2011

Advice - A guest post by Emily!

Fairies and wizards must always remember to mark their wands as soon as they buy and take the tags off of them.  All wands look the same but they do different things.
via Style Me Pretty
 If a fairy doesn't remember to mark her wand, and she sets it next to another unmarked wand, she might pick up the wrong one.

Once a garden wizard and a TV fairy each took their wands to a repair shop.  Because they did not have anyone's name on them in permanent marker, the repair shop got the wands confused.  The garden wizard picked up the TV- fairy's wand and the fairy ended up with the garden wizard's wand. Then, when the fairy was working on a TV instead of being fixed, flowers started to bloom all over it!  And while he was working in the garden  all of the wizard's flowers had tiny TVs blossom inside them!
photo by Farnum Ink Studio

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