Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And the adventure continues

If you Google "priming with Kilz" you will find many many many warnings to, well, not prime with Kilz. Know why?

I don't really think I need to explain much about that photo. Kilz is a lousy primer. Now you know.

So scrape, sand, prime, paint again aaaaaand...
Yeah, I ended up with three cave-ins. At this point I am pretty sure the bathroom is just taunting me.

By now you all know the words so feel free to sing along - spackle, sand, prime, paint, paint, paint.


The walls are painted!
I love this gray.  It is such a calm color. I am, however, disappointed to find that instead of bringing out the gray in the tiles the paint seems to have made them look more mocha in hue.  I had selected this paint shade as opposed to a sparkling white to avoid making the tiles look dingy.  Now it just sort of looks like I'm fighting against the original color scheme. Whatever. The walls are painted.

There is still  much to be done: ceiling, cabinet, towel racks, towels...But my friend Tiffany is here this week so I had to sort of put the bathroom back together. Even though it slows progress, I like having to return the bathroom to a functioning state each week because it gives me a chance to evaluate the effect of each step on the space.  Even if that step reveals mocha-colored tile.

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