Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays to the Bears

Ugh. I went shopping for NPJ Design supplies and it was just sad.Exhausted, unsuccessful, and slightly chilly but finally I home, I am curled up in front of the internet dreaming up a million dollar holiday. You already know what I want just for me, but what do I wish for the whole Bear household?

Well, we want a new couch. We have so much more space now and so little furniture. For seating we have the floor, one couch with a cracked frame, three breakfast room stools, some more floor, and two computer chairs. Oh, and Emily's stuffed bear chair. The end.  We're trying not to just rush out and buy disposable furniture, though. Ikea's great, but we really want something that will be comfortable and pretty several years from now.  Something like
Edith Sofa from Cisco Brothers
If it is anything like the other couches that make me swoon, the price tag is somewhere around $4000. Yikes! (But still so pretty).

If Santa can fit that 90in baby down our chimney we can move the decrepit couch to our family room and get a couple of wing chairs to keep it company around the fireplace. Ben likes one from restoration Hardware, but for the life of me I can't remember which. If I get to pick, though, we might end up with something like this
Mitchell Williams + Bob Gold
It also comes in leather!

And remember all that floor space I mentioned above? We definitely need a few rugs to cozy things up.  I may never narrow down what I want in the way of floor-covering. Just to start, I'd like to raid Pottery Barn.

And then, stop at Restoration Hardware.

I have inexplicably adored this Tufted Rose Rug from Pier 1 for years.

We can't forget something for the walls.
This modern world map from These Are Things is hands down awesome.

Finally, a little something for our four-legged family members.
Yeah, that's a cat hammock. And, yeah, you know you secretly think its cool.

I know Amy wants a family vacation and a new car. What about the rest f you?

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