Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm supposed to keep this a secret because Emily fears being teased, but is there anything cuter than young love?  Not unlike her mother, Emily is a bit boy crazy.  This season's lucky little man is named Aaron.  Unfortunately, according to Emily, the girl he is "just bananas over" is their classmate Jillian so Aaron hasn't noticed my sweet girl at all!

It reminds of the scene in Love Actually where Sam talks about nothing being worse than the "total agony of love." So cute.

Yesterday I asked Em if Aaron had started paying her any attention. "Yes," she said, "he gave me a hug today."

J: When you fell off the monkey bars?
E: Yeah, and another at the end of the day. He also hugged Jennifer and Angelina.
J: Oh, quite the ladies man, huh?
E: Yeah, he's got himself all the ladies!
J: When he hugged you did it make you feel all squishy inside?
E: I don't know what you mean.
J: Well when Ben hugs me or tells me I'm pretty or that he loves me I get a feeling inside that's squishy. But in a good way.
E: Oooooh! Like squishy and fluttery and like happy all inside? Yes. Yes I totally get that!

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