Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making the house our home - more Emily's room

Because I am almost a month behind, a short time line of the move/settling in as it happened for Emily is in order.
August 7 Emily and I returned to Virginia after her summer in Texas.
August 11 the packers packed.
August 12 the loaders loaded and we hit the road.
August 14 we arrived in Florida.
August 18 Emily for her brand new mattress so she could sleep on it (on the floor) instead of a foam pad on the floor.
August 19 our stuff arrived and the unloaders unloaded. Emily was happily reunited with many of her toys
August 23:
First day of first grade
August 29:
 That's right. My handsome (albeit tired) husband finished building Emily a loft bed! Several weeks prior he completely charmed me by ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR INSTRUCTIONS on how to go about building such a bed.  I want you all to know that jealousy is a perfectly normal emotion.

Emily "helped" move the bed into place:

Then she verified its sturdiness:

Sittin' pretty
We had even found the perfect rug to jazz up the play area underneath the bed:
So how was Em's first night not sleeping on the floor? I'd say she was on cloud nine.


  1. What a handy husband! And I love that rug...no wonder Em's on Cloud 9. Hope she's liking her new school...

  2. Did your movers give you an estimated arrival date or a firm one? Mine were supposed to arrive on a Monday and called me Thursday to say it would be Saturday. Argh. Anyway, looks like you are settling in nicely. I hope my feelings about Florida didn't scare you off.

  3. @rebecca
    Nah, girl. I have a six-year-old, you cannot scare me. We were given an approximate date range. Isn't ambiguity fun? Hang in there, girl. I'm totally here for you in that stranger-across-the-country kind of way.