Monday, July 12, 2010

Long overdue no 'poo report

Internet, back on June 30 I owed you a two-month update on my no 'poo experiment.  Admittedly, I let you down. I'm sorry.  I did take pictures on the appropriate date - I just didn't post them. I'm long past ready to call the whole adventure an unequivocal success.  Just look:
The back too:
It is all shiny and bouncy even though I only wash it TWO TO THREE TIMES A WEEK. I still struggle with some dryness and frizz for about eight hours after each wash with baking soda followed by vinegar, but, internet, the time I save.  Apparently, I don't use that time for blogging, but I have so much more of it.

Now I just have to see how my 'do fares through the rest of the seasons and keep plugging away at my Locks of Love goal.

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  1. Looks awesome!! Miss you...and don't know how I missed your trip to drop off Emily:(