Monday, June 14, 2010

The plan

Recently Emily has had a lot to think about. Between career week at school, her recent dance recital, and our upcoming move to Florida her little mind has been in overdrive. The result?  Her life plan:

1. Continue to take jazz and ballet classes, and resume gymnastics so as to increase strength and skill.

2. Join the circus as a trapeze artist.

3. Get married and have 10 kids. These 10 kids are to be born as two sets of quintuplets - one set of girls and one set of boys.  Emily will not work until the younger set starts school. She and the kids will be supported by her husband who will work for the army earning $100 a week which will be enough for the 10 jars of baby food they will need.

4. Once the kids start school it will be time to rejoin the circus.

Or maybe start her singing career.


  1. I love a girl with a plan...but birthing TWO SETS of quintuplets?!!! That makes being a trapeze artist seem like a cake walk! You go Emily...and send me pictures...and birth announcements!

  2. Well, she has never lacked for ambition. Sounds like you need to start a Brouhaha search for "new baby" flower arrangements!