Tuesday, June 29, 2010

42 Days without Emily!

I recently dropped the Emily! off in Texas for her annual 42-day visit with her dad. The apartment is awfully quiet without her so I thought the blog could use another dose of her distinctive little voice.

On cafeteria food:
"And do you know what they gave us for breakfast snack?! Cheerios - blegh! And those Cheerios tasted like cardboard...like...like...diet Cheerios!"

On considerate driving:
E: Mama, why did Granddad go so fast through that light?
J: He didn't it just seemed like it because of the way the car accelerates from a stop.
E: But he can't go any faster than the speed limit.
Dad: You can drive as fast as you dare to.
E: No, you can't go faster than the speed limit says.
J (with a sideways glare at Dad): Well baby, you can actually drive faster than the the limit, but you are right, doing so can get you in big trouble.
E: Ugh, there is just so much to remember about driving. That's why I'm going to ride horseback everywhere when I grow up.

Parting words:
"Well I'll miss you too, Mama, but let's focus on the pooooositive! Like how much fun I'll have.

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