Thursday, February 4, 2010

Emily! and the postal worker

It snowed here on Saturday. Actually, it SNOWED here. I have to start off by embarking on a short tangent to point out that people will do crazy things for love. I, for instance, have gone back on my resolution to never live anywhere it snows. It snows here. I love Ben so I am here. The crazy part is that Ben is NOT here. See, crazy stuff for love has been done.

Anywhoodle, Emily was alternately enamored with and disgusted by the snow. Yea snow! Boo cold! Yea snowballs I can throw at Mommy! Boo snowballs thrown at me! Yea snow angels! Boo snow that has gotten into my rain boots and is slowly turning my legs into goose-bump covered, red, ice stumps!  I think you get the picture.  She was also very sad that Ben is in the desert and would not see any of the glorious snow. We, therefore, scooped some snow into a Tupperware container and stuffed it into his latest box.

On Tuesday, schools were still closed, but work had to be attended to so Em was watched by the lovely and talented Lisa Swanner.  Our nine-year-old friends Kehli also joined the party. Emily very proudly pointed out our Ben-bound box containing the snow.  Kehli, so wise with his nine years, asked if the snow wouldn't be melted.  Emily raised an eyebrow, rolled her eyes and replied, "No-o. My mom put it in Tupperware so it would stay fresh!"

Wait, it gets better.

I relayed this same story to the postal worker examining my customs declaration sheet when I mailed the box.  She reached out a hand to feel if the box was cold and sincerely asked "Really?"

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