Friday, January 15, 2010


On being a tomboy:
...and I had to sleep in the grass! But I was wearing my grubbies but they were my best grubbies and they got dirt on them and now I can never wear them again!

On reading people:
I just know Ben loves sparkles.

On Martin Luther King Day:
E: Mama, who is King Arthur?
J: He's a character from some books. Why?
E: Why are we celebrating the birthday of a fiction character?
J: Oh! You must mean Martin Luther King.
E: Yeah, him. How are we supposed to celebrate his birthday if he's dead?
J: Well, I guess we could eat cake.  But really, I think to honor Dr. King, we should spend some time on our day off thinking about how to make the world a better place.
E: I know how! By not putting trash on the ground.
J: Well, that's a very good idea, but Dr. King wanted us to make the world better by treating each other better.
E: like we shouldn't make anybody feel like a butthead.

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