Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Just before Em and I headed to Texas for Christmas, she decided to send Ben a card. Ah, Ben. The kid has received more than one card from Emily since he left and I do not believe any of them have actually been appropriate to the occasion.  Along with picking out her clothes, I have given up helping Emily pick out greeting cards. For this particular occasion she was focused on the money-holder cards.  As she picked up and looked inside and discarded her second card, she furrowed her brow.  By her fifth card she was visibly distraught.  Trying to hide my impatience I asked what was wrong. "Mama," she burst out, "all these cards are defective! The money is already gone!."

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  1. It was awesome to hear this story IN PERSON!! Enjoyed our visit so much...thanks for making time for an old lady...I mean an old friend!