Thursday, January 28, 2010

Basic adventures in cooking

Yep, kids, I did it again.  I got published. It is funny the things one begins to worry about when she no longer has four sociology papers to write in a week. Why don't more men pluck their eyebrows? Is owning a house really that much better than renting? Who decided a labradoodle was a "designer dog" instead of a mutt? Most importantly, how exactly does one wipe out a hot skillet when cooking one-pot meals?
Okay other people might actually wonder about that last one.  So I logged onto The Kitchn, one of my vitals connected to Apartment Therapy, and I asked away. Low and behold, my question was deemed "good" and, last I checked, 10 people answered. See for yourself: Janice's attempt to alleviate her cooking ignorance.

What kind of things do you wonder about?

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