Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On her new boyfriend:
Shannon: Jacob, do you have two girlfriends tonight?
Jacob: Yis
Emily: And look, he has two hands so he can hold both of us!

This is the vampire Gabriella Juliette with "the other woman," Briana as a high school musical cheerleader.
And here is Jacob the "big pimpin'" dinosaur.

And, finally, three's company.

Note how in that last photo Jacob is looking at Emily not so much with adoration as with menace and terror while Briana looks completely nonplussed. I wish we had a picture to capture the way Jacob kept demanding the girls hold his hand and one that showed Emily's relentless mothering of her new "boyfriend." Briana was more or less ambivalent to the whole situation as it only loosely related to her trick-or-treating mission.

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