Sunday, January 11, 2009

Emily on Theology

J: Oh baby, you know what, we can't call Mindy right now. She's at church.
E: Why?
J: Well Mindy and Sean believe there is a God who made everything and gave us all we have. They also believe he made a man named Jesus who came to us from Heaven to teach us how to be good people. They go to church on Sundays to Thank God for all that.
J:Aunt Have and Uncle Ryan believe in God too. They don't believe in Jesus, though. They go to Temple on Friday's to thank God and learn how to honor him by doing good deeds.
J: Mommy and Ben don't believe in God but we do believe in being good people and we try to find ways to good deeds too.
E: Well I don't believe in God either.
J: Okay, that is one choice and if you are ever interested in learning about God or what other people believe we can look into it or go to Church and Temple.
E: Oh! You know what?! We could go to Hawaii!

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