Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time marches on

But time makes you bolderChildren get olderI'm getting older tooAnd do I ever feel it. Old, that is. Old, but good. Mostly good.In less than three weeks I should be married. I say should because we are on a rather tight time schedule and any little hiccup will prevent a vow exchange over the Thanksgiving holidays. Still, all that is very good. My boy should be back "across the pond" by tomorrow night. It will be so nice to have only an hour difference between us instead of nine. Also, I can get back to calling him instead of just waiting waiting waiting for him to call me. Emily can also call him. How great is it she is in love with him? And he her. Most fantastic indeed.News Year Eve will be the "big reception." Emily will get to be there for that and she is super stoked. We got a really great venue with a talented chef, the photographer is a chum of mine from High School (McCombs - its Tremayne if you still check this), and one of my friends from the recently closed florist shoppe is handling the decorations. It's going to be so nice and really intimate - maybe 40 guests. Emily has been adorably involved in all outfit choices, menu tweaking, and input on the decor. She is a great kid and I'm pretty lucky.The things that make life less than all good are work and school. At work the pay is good, the hours are good, most of the guys working there are good. The guy that isn't good is actually Ben's brother. He just lives in a different world with a completely different set of ethics. I showed up and now he's on his way out. Pretty much every time I show up his life goes to shit. I'm sure he loves me for it. For those paying attention this is Kimberlee's ex-husband. Yeah, THAT Kimberlee. School is the other source of suckage. My grades are less than stellar which means a May graduation may be less plausible than originally thought. It is just hard to stay motivated when half of one's professors are, well, they suck. I guess I got spoiled by all those enthusiastic, knowledgeable, overachieving professors I had in previous semesters. We'll just keep our fingers crossed that his semester and the next get completed.That means job searching and moving this summer! Yippee!!

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