Tuesday, May 27, 2008


On the art of giving:
J: What do you want to get Freddie and B-Bob for their birthday?
E: Ummm, I think we should get them a kitten!
J: Oh Baby, you know what? We really can't get other people's kids live animals.
E: *gasp* Mama! We cannot give Freddie and B-Bob a dead kitten.
J: No! Of course not. I was thinking we would get them some toys.
E: Yeah!...Or a turtle!

On homemaking:
J: Baby, isn't this ice cream good? Did you know Aunt Donna made this from scratch? She didn't just buy it at the store.
E: Aunt Donna? Dis ice cream is good. Did you buy it or did you make it from scabbity?

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