Friday, April 4, 2008


It is nearly impossible to tame my child's hair. It is incredibly fine and semi-curly so no matter how much combing and coiffing and conditioning I do, Emily ends up with a lion's mane about two hours into her day. Lately, she has been requesting braids. Not just two braids or a french braid, but six braids that combine into three or four braids braided together. It's quite the look. However, her hair is so fine I know when I pick her up from school she will have no braids. The little plastic holders will have slipped from her silken locks and the tangles will run free. Or so I thought. I discovered yesterday, that this is only the case about half the time. As it turns out, when the little girls swing outside they like their hair to "flow in the wind." Seriously. All these three year old girls enhance their playground activities by loosing their locks. Is that too cute or what?

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