Sunday, March 9, 2008

Joys of parenthood

I think it is starting to sink in for both Emily and me that we are going to be together a lot more now that her dad has moved. Either that or Emily's temperament has a taken a turn for the better. This weekend was pretty good - minimal whining, no tattling, very little fighting over nap time. Yesterday was truly a day of moments, though. Two stand out. We spent the day doing all sorts of things. There was breakfast at a restaurant with Lori and then we went to an A&M horse show where we saw the Ontkos and the Wests among various other friends. We went to "Junkie Bath" to make new "scratchy soap" and pick out a candle. Emily is always so good when we go there. She loves to just sit in front of the oils smelling them all and organizing them by the color on the lid. Later that evening we went over to Lori and Emil's for some fajitas. Now comes the good part of the story. As we left the Luza house sometime around 9:30, Emily let out a long breath and proclaimed "I had a hard day." I asked why. The reply? "It is hard work keeping Lori entertained for all that long time." I know, the life of a three-year-old is rough. It gets better. At 11:00 when she STILL was not asleep she came wandering into my dining area to let me know that her hiney hurt. She almost never lets me examine these sorts of problems, but this time she willingly dropped her PJs and bent over. The instant she bent over a pebble pooped out of her rear. A PEBBLE POPPED OUT OF HER REAR! "Baby! did you stick this rock in your hiney?" "No." "Oh my gosh, did you eat rocks?" Silence. "I don't really know if I can say."

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