Tuesday, April 10, 2007

She's not wrong...

Last Thursday Emily and I had our weekly dinner with Donna Rea. Donna has been a friend of my family for 50 years and I think her parents were friends with my family for a few decades before she was even in the picture. After dinner Donna asked Emily if she wanted some ice cream. Well duh, Donna, she's my kid isn't she? Emily answered with "Yeah." Ugh. I've been working on this "yeah" business for an eternity. Knowing this, Donna prompted Em "If you want ice cream you say what?" The response? "Ice cream." "Yes, but you say what?" And my oh so clever child answered just as she had been asked to: "What." My poor hostess, face contorted from withheld laughter, took one last attempt. "Emily," she implored. "What is the magic word?" Ah ha! Emily's little face lit up and I could just see the neurons firing. She smiled and, with complete confidence, finally announced "Hocus Pocus!" We gave her two scoops.

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