Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And I just can't wait to be king!

The Lion King Cast of Characters per Emily:
Simba: Symmm-buh or "Da line King! Dare he is!"
Nala: Nala
Zazu: Saw-soo
Scar: Scarf
Mufasa: Moo-pasta or "Da Line King! Dare he is!"(this is my personal favorite)
None of the other characters seem to have much impact on Emily. I'm also not really sure why, but Simba, Mufasa and the leopard shown during "The Circle of Life" at the beginning for a whopping 2.1 seconds are all "Da Line King." She also comes to get me during the elephant graveyard scene which is "scare-wee." Emiy does not actually believe there are any "ella-funts" present during this scene, just "some-tink kin-ah like elle-funts, swort-ah. I am so in love.

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