Monday, October 9, 2006

You drive me crazy

Sometimes I feel like life is the ugly stepsister and if I just keep taking what it throws at me I will finally get to go to the damn ball!Actually, if all goes well or even slightly okay, I will get to go to the ball on Friday. Yay DC and Ben and the Navy Ball. In the meantime, however, I have to deal with life. Life includes Jesse. The one and same who got his butt arrested on Friday and thought I wouldn't find out. His parents, of course, had Emily so at least that was a load off my mind. Still, sigh. He begs and begs to keep joint custody and I know he loves Em and I know Beth and Allen love her, but this is getting ridiculous. Not that I haven't been guilty of getting a babysitter on my weekends, but I don't get one every one of my weekends. And why is it bad that I took up smoking but not bad that he got arrested? I'm finding it really hard to be fair lately. I guess I just need someone to show up and tell me some good things about this guy.Where is the boy I fell in love with? The one with a great job and good looks and good values? Where is the man I was married to for so long who never wanted to go out and thought drinking with friends a waste of money? Where is the that guy who wanted six kids and adored having Emily clamber all over him while he prepped his biking equipment? I suppose he's asking where the girl he married is...

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