Sunday, October 1, 2006

A dream is a, wait....

I had the oddest dream last night. Rather, I had it today since I slept until 4 this afternoon. Ugh. I wish I could remember it all but some of the elements keep sort of fading in and out of my mind.

I have a friend on Facebook named Catharine that I went to high school with. She recently got married. In my dream, though, she had to pretend to die in order to do it. I remember she got dressed up, but not in her wedding gown and someone buried her...Let's see. It was in a cave or underground, but I know someone still had to dig a grave and cover her with dirt...She took some sort of drink that would make it so she didn't suffocate but she wasn't buried in a coffin because she was afraid she wouldn't be able to break out of it. And I guess I was in on the plan because my mom told me to tell Cat to be careful about the way she e-mailed because she (my mom) had gotten a copy. There was something about a swimming pool and a Sonic. And I went to some sort of meeting in the Texas A&M Tennis Complex stands. DW sat behind me and was outrageously flirty and a little handsy as well. I got all upset because it was bringing back feelings that I'd been working to suppress. For some reason I was constantly walking out to my car for a cigarette...

Very strange.

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