Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Maybe this year will be better than the last...

Well kids, tomorrow is the big birthday. And the the townspeople shouted "hooray." Perhaps not. I feel...nothing. I am big on birthdays. I hate when I fail to catch a person's birthday and wish them happy returns with joyous hugging. But this *shrug*. Perhaps I am getting old. Perhaps this year has been a disappointment (gee, you think?). But my birthday falls right before a new school year and there are some good things planned for the next few days. Maybe I can do it better this time around. If not, maybe I can enjoy the screw-ups a little more.The week seems to be crawling. It is only Wednesday. I thought for sure it would be Friday by now. I have missed Emily terribly. I saw her briefly yesterday when I dropped some stuff off for Jesse. He's heartbroken over a recent breakup. The parents of his new girlfriend called and forbade him to see her. He's too old and too experienced. Well now he's hurting so... Ugh. How can he tell me these things? How do you make your husband feel better that he can't see his girlfriend any longer? It's just odd. I don't feel it though so that's good. I just smiled and patted his shoulder and told him that it sucked, maybe he should talk to them some more. The response? "Well, I was enjoying my time with her but it isn't like I love her because of you, I don't know what that is." Oh fantastic. *See now my plan was to go on about this for a bit but I've been interrupted by a phone call from Jesse to tell me his debit card was stolen and his account wiped out and I would need to cover Emily's daycare because it is past due. Hysterical laughing taking place currently, please be patient*So anyway. Friday night is dinner w/ the fam for the birthday celebration and then Sat. is brunch w/ my mom and Emily. Saturday afternoon is time with Emi and some friends at U Paint It and then I am off to Galveston for the baby's first beach experience. It'll be great. Hava and Ryan and al those fantastic UTMB people... Sunday Ben will get here just as I am getting back and we'll chill together for a week. Then next weekend I'm having another b-day celebration in the big D with Sarah and perhaps Sheila. It is so fantastically wonderful to have people who want to spend time with me. Hava says my laugh is infectious and Sarah's roommate rearranged her birthday plans so we could celebrate together and Ben is staying with me when he gets here, not his folks or Leslie or Nate... On more of a downer Jess called last night with the news that Justin took off and she's not sure for how long. It sucks but it's great because I got to talk her through it and be there and be the rock. Of course Jess will be just fine but I was the first person she thought to call. All this attention makes me feel so very very loved. I feel just good. If I hold onto that then maybe this year will be better than the last.

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