Thursday, December 26, 2002

After Christmas and all is well!

Hello hello!!What a wonderful wonderful wonderful world we live in! I just love the Christmas season. Jesse got a new job and we had dinner with some wonderful people at the Christmas party who reminded us how nice it is to have friends that honor and reinforce your beliefs. (You do those things too Hava, you're just too far away to do it all the time). I also got a call from an old friend whom I thought I'd lost and totally learned my lesson about making presumptions. We went to the candlelight Christmas Eve service and surrounded ourselves with the true meaning of Christmas and then had just a fabulous day with family. I can still smell the ham and apple cinnamon chimichangas. To top it off I completed a hellish semester with straight As and a confirmation of my graduation. Now I am chilling before I enter the season of mega overtime at work. Hopefully I'll hear from my far off Hava soon! It would just complete everything. Happy after holidays to everybody.Champagne filled chocolate covered hotties to you all for New Years!

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